Seaward Apollo 600 Elite PAT Tester Bundle Part No 380A950


Apollo 600 Elite Bundle





Seaward Apollo 600 Pro Kit


PATSolutions is a way of approaching all aspects of electrical testing. From
testers themselves to information management software, through to label
printers and more.

You can buy each tester and its accessories separately or as an optional
PATSolutions package which includes everything you need to run an efficient,
effective PAT Testing business.


The Apollo 600 Pro Kit package includes:

1. Seaward Apollo 600

The PrimeTest 350 is derived from the PrimeTest 300 but has the following extra features:

  • The batteries are charged while they’re in the unit, via a charging port. Charging time is four hours.
  • USB download for transferring data to a PC.
  • Alternative leakage test, as described in the IET Code of Practice.
  • 250V Insulation Test. For use when suppressors or other components prevent a 500V Insulation test.
  • Load measurement. During the protective conductor and touch current tests, the load is measured and displayed as both a power and current measurement.

2. Test n Tag Elite Printer

A handy, hard wearing printer, with Impact-modified polycarbonate with fused oil and abrasion resistant rubber overmould (six foot drop protection). Featuring smart battery management to monitor the battery for longer life and performance. Labels are tamperproof, waterproof and professionally printed with your logo and barcode, and less than 3p a label! Compatible with PrimeTest 350 and PrimeTest 300.


3. Bluetooth Laser Scanner

A portable ID laser scanner with Bluetooth interface. Extremely compact and lightweight, making it ideal for mobile applications. Powered by standard LR-3 (AAA) batteries.


4. PAT Checkbox

Designed to provide a safe, simple and quick way to check a PAT Tester’s calibration. Checkbox can even check Portable Appliance Testers outside the Seaward range.


PATGuard Elite 3 Software (Subscription required)

If you PAT Test on a regular basis this is an ideal bit of software. It gives you complete quick and easy management of the PAT Testing process. One program supplies the total solution. From the first test, to downloading results, certificates, planning re-tests and uploading.


A must for any PAT Tester.

  • Calibration Certificate
  • PATGuard Support Contract
  • Battery Charger
  • Connectors
  • Carrying Case





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Earth Continuity
Test Current ± 200mA
Display Range 0.00 MΩ – 199 MΩ
Pass Value User Defined
Insulation Resistance
Test Voltage 500V / 250V DC @ 1mA nominal
Display Range 0.01MΩ - 199MΩ
Pass Value User Defined
IEC Lead Test
Tests Performed Earth, Insulation Resistance, Live & Neutral Continuity
Protective Conductor Current/Load
Test Voltage 195V - 230V, 45Hz-60Hz
Display Ranges 0.15mA – 19.99mA
0.00kVA – 4.00kVA
0.00A – 16.00A
Pass Value User Defined
Protective Conductor Current/Load
Test Voltage 195V - 230V, 45Hz-60Hz
Display Ranges 0.07mA – 3.5mA
0.00kVA – 4.00kVA
0.00A – 16.00A
Pass Value User Defined
Alternative Leakage Current
Test Voltage 40V, 50Hz
Display Range 0.10mA - 19.99mA
Pass Value User Defined
RCD Trip Time
Test Current 30mA rms, 0º/180º auto switched
Display Range 0ms - 200ms
Loop Impedance
Test Current Non-tripping for >30mA RCD
Display Range 0.0Ω - 199Ω
Power Socket Test
Voltage Range 195V – 253V
Voltage Indicators phase–Earth & phase–neutral
Memory size 8000 records
Weight 0.9kg
Dimensions 260mm x 100mm x 55mm
Power Source 6 x AA NiMH rechargeable batteries


Patguard is the world leading PAT
downloading software. The suite of
programs provides a solution for
every level of user.