PAT Testers

Complete with a comprehensive range of PAT labels, adaptors, software and our bespoke range of PAT testing kits we can cater for electrical safety testing in domestic, commercial and industrial environments.

Appliance Test Manual PATS

The unique range of tests incorporated in this lightweight and highly versatile instrument means that most workplace appliances can be tested using long life battery power. However, when protective conductor current or touch current measurements are required, simply connecting a mains supply will automatically select the correct test sequence. The ApplianceTest PAT's are designed for ease of use and carries out all electrical safety tests against pre-set limits with measured test results and clear PASS/FAIL indication on a large display.
A fantastic value simple-to-use PAT tester with a comprehensive range of tests, 999 asset data storage, label printing features and free datalogger software.
£Discontinued - See PT250+
The Complete Appliance Safety Tester – The ApplianceTest DLPT1 is a functional and diverse manual PAT tester. Featuring three operational modes, it is an ideal choice for those looking for an easy to use, electrical safety tester.
£Replaced by PT100