Seaward PrimeTest 50

PT50 - Basic Hand Held Safety Checker - 347A910

Seaward PrimeTest 50

Seaward PrimeTest 50

PrimeTest 50 Basic Hand Held Safety Checker – 5th Edition

The PrimeTest 50 manual PAT testing machine is battery powered and handheld to allow for fast and efficient testing. A simple range of tests are selected at the push of a button – earthed appliance, double insulated appliance or mains cord test.

The LCD display shows a clear pass or fail result. The PrimeTest 50 is a great choice for those needing one of the most reliable and easy to use PAT testing machines available. Please Note: PrimeTest 50 does not have a backlight.

This PAT tester is ideal for all applications where in-house testing is being performed on a periodic basis by staff with limited experience.

The tester is capable of testing Class 1, Class 2, Cables and IT equipment, providing simple Pass/Fail results on a large clear display.

Unique circuitry within the instrument ensures that measurements are accurate in situations where other testers struggle to provide repeatable measurements.

Three test buttons allow the user to select the appropriate test and an internal smart circuit identifies if an appliance or an extension cord is connected.

The PrimeTest 50 PAT tester incorporates a mains outlets tester and is supplied with all necessary accessories, training aids to help organisations perform PAT Testing with a minimum of fuss.

Built in Britain and used by 1,000’s of organisations every day.


  • LCD display giving clear pass/fail indication
  • Test class I and II equipment including IT and business equipment
  • Extension and IEC lead tests
  • Power socket polarity



Earth continuityPass value 0.2Ω
Insulation resistancePass value 2MΩ
Power socket tests230V +10% - 15% AC. L-PE, L-N, N-PE
IEC lead testsEarth test, Insulation and Polarity
Power supply6 x AA batteries
Dimensions260 x 100 x 55 mm
Weight800 g