DL6790-LOC1 - CombiVolt 2 Lockout Kit

DL6790-LOC1 - CombiVolt 2 Lockout Kit

DL6790-LOC1 - CombiVolt 2 Lockout Kit

CombiVolt 1 Lockout Tagout Kit

For a limited period, Di-log have packaged their award winning DL67xx CombiVolt Voltage Indicator, DLLOC1 Personal Lockout Tagout Kit all contained within a single carry pouch.

The DL67xx Series CombiVolt 1 & 2 Voltage Indicators fully conform to BS EN 61243-3:2014, a required standard to confirm the state of an energised circuit, along with Single Pole Indication in case the neutral or earth has become disconnected.

Our DLLOC1 Personal Lockout Kit offers great value.  Supplied with 2 MCB Lockout Devices, the kit enables a single user to lockout the majority of MCB’s or Main Switches with either the standard pins-out or universal aluminium device.

DL6790-LOC1 Kit contains;


  • Kit is compliant to BS EN 61243-3:2014
  • Fully comply with the HSE – Guidance Note GS38
  • Voltage indication up to 690V LED & DIGITAL
  • Phase Rotation
  • Audible Continuity
  • Single Pole Indication
  • Voltage indication even when batteries are depleted
  • Lockout Padlock is Key’d to differ, so only you can open lock to energise the circuit
  • Universal aluminium MCB lockout device
  • Standard Pins-Out Lockout Device
  • 1 x Lockout Tag
  • Wipeable Marker Pen
  • CP1190 Carry Pouch