PAT Testers

Complete with a comprehensive range of PAT labels, adaptors, software and our bespoke range of PAT testing kits we can cater for electrical safety testing in domestic, commercial and industrial environments.

Apollo Downloadable PATS

If you're looking for a PAT tester with results storage, there are a lot of options to choose from and it can be confusing! The Apollo series of downloading PAT testers from Seaward offers everything from the simple and straightforward Apollo 400 to the more advanced Apollo 600 which incorporates an on-board camera and other advanced features.
PATSolutions is a way of approaching all aspects of electrical testing.
With built-in risk assessment tools for any workplace hazard and a variety of testing and inspection reports including portable appliance testing, fire detection and alarms and emergency lighting; Apollo 600 offers an all-in-one solution to managing a risk-based approach to health and safety in any workplace, reducing the burden and ensuring compliance.
Enhanced Dual Voltage PAT Tester – Apollo 500 offers fast and efficient electrical safety testing with secure and complete data management.
Dual Voltage Downloadable PAT Tester – As a direct replacement for the Europa Plus, the Apollo 400+ is great value ‘plug and play’ PAT tester with a comprehensive range of tests and upload only data transfer and storage for 2000 assets.