2nd Generation MFT with EVSE Charge Station Adaptor, Solar Irradiance Meter, & 1000A AC/DC Clamp Meter.



18th Edition Complete EV PV Kit bundle

The Di-LOG DL9130EVPVKIT has been explicitly designed for service engineers that offer EV installation as part of their testing portfolio. The DL9130EVPVKIT  includes Di-LOG’s latest EV Multifunction Tester, the DL9130EV, along with the DLEV1 EVSE Charge Station Adaptor, if that wasn’t enough, we’ve also got you covered in terms of PV installations too with our state-of-the-arte SL102 Solar Irradiance Meter, and the DL6402 1000Amp AC/DC Clamp Meter.

Brand New Features

A brand-new feature explicitly added to the DL9130EV is Rmax.  This brand-new concept will automatically capture the maximum R1+R2/R2 continuity test reading which will register the result on the secondary display for recording once testing is complete. In addition, Di-LOG has added the Zmax feature.

DL9130EVPVKit Key Features

  • 6ma RDC-DD Pure DC Test
  • Auto EV Test Sequence
  • Auto Start Loop & Continuity tests
  • Type AC, A, B & Selective (S) RCD Testing
  • Rmax & Zmax
  • Variable RCD Test
  • Colour LCD display with colour change feature
  • Proximity Pilot (PP) State 13, 20, 32 & 63A
  • Control Pilot (CP) State A, B, C & D
  • Error including – PE Pre-Test, CP Error “E” & PE Error
  • Type 1 & Type 2 Charge Plugs supplied
  • Supplied with a UKAS Calibration Certificate fully traceable to national standards (DL9130EV)
  • Electronic overload protection
  • Large easy to see backlit displays
  • Audible Continuity and Diode test
  • DL6402 – 30 mm jaw opening
  • 1000 AC/DC Current reading (Dl6402)
  • AC/DC voltage up to 600V (Dl6402)
  • Temperature thermocouple and K-Type adaptor supplied
  • Min/Max recording functions
  • SLLSC4 – 4mm MC4 Red/Black lead set for VOC measurement
  • All appropriate hard and soft carry cases

The DL9130EVPVKIT MFT Test Kit offers incredible value for a feature-packed MFT meeting all the safety and performance requirements of BS EN 61557.


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Check out this video if you want to find out more about the DL9130EV MFT’s capabilities regarding EV testing with this complete KIT? Here’s what Dave Sweetman, our Marketing & Business Development Director has to say on the subject.