Seaward HV Test Equipment

Experts in High-Voltage Test Equipment Seaward has been designing and manufacturing high-voltage test equipment for over 37 years and continues to innovate and bring the best instruments to the market. Choose from phasing sticks, safe discharge rods, voltage indicators and more. Whatever your high-voltage test requirements are, we have a solution for you.

HV Phasing Sticks

Accurate & reliable digital phasing sticks

Introducing Seawards HV phasing sticks, designed to facilitate phase comparisons during the paralleling of two circuits without the need for voltage transformers or secondary wiring circuits. Seawards digital HV phasing sticks are suitable for earthed neutral systems up to 33KV, providing a reliable phase angle comparison and indicating phase angle voltage at the intended point of circuit paralleling. This unique test kit consists of a digital indicator, a phasing rod with resistor chains, and a detachable earth lead. The digital indicator can also be used separately from the phasing rod to measure the present voltage accurately.