Thermal Imaging Range

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FLIR T-Series

FLIR's High performance T-series
FLIR's flagship T1020, built on 50 years of expertise. Up to 3.1 M resolution (UltraMax®), and a dynamic user interface, the T1020 optimizes your workday, delivering sharp images, accurate temperatures, and unmatched flexibility. 180° optical block rotation OSX, Precision HDIR optical system FLIR have set new standards in design and performance.
The FLIR T865 offers sub-zero temperature measurements, 1°C/1% precision, 1-Touch Level/Span enhancement, and laser autofocus. With a 6° FOV IR lens and an onboard Route system for data organization. FLIR Ignite uploads images to the cloud for easy storage. 180° rotating optical block, integrated eyepiece viewfinder, and a 4-inch color IPS display.
The FLIR T840 is suitable for all-day equipment surveys indoors & outdoors, with features like an integrated eyepiece, a 4-inch LCD for outdoor inspections, & a 180° rotating lens for tricky spots. It can be paired with the FlexView dual lens & an optional 6° telephoto lens for distant targets. The purchase includes software subscriptions & FLIR Ignite.
The FLIR T560 is an ergonomic thermal camera with 640x480 resolution, a 4" LCD, and a 180° rotating lens. Offering precise readings with tools like 1-Touch Level/Span and laser autofocus. It syncs with FLIR Thermal Studio Pro for organized data collection and allows easy cloud image upload via FLIR Ignite. The purchase includes software subscriptions.
The FLIR T540 is a powerful thermal camera for industrial and research applications. It has a high-resolution display, one-touch controls, and laser autofocus. Ideal for diagnostics, surveys, and research. Comes with FLIR software and cloud uploading. Features include quick decision-making with laser autofocus and flexible 180° rotation for comfortable imaging.
The FLIR T530 is a versatile and user-friendly thermal imaging camera that assists in quickly identifying and addressing issues in various applications, from industrial maintenance to electrical inspections. Its 180° rotating lens platform, measurement tools, and image quality make it a valuable tool for troubleshooting and preventive maintenance.