DL7107 [Replaced by the EM54]

Six in One Environment Meter c/w multimeter function

DL7107 [Replaced by the EM54]

DL7107 [Replaced by the EM54]

6-in-1 Environment Meter c/w multimeter function

The DL7107 provides a cost effective solution to environmental compliance testing requirements combined with multimeter functions.


  • Decibel readings up to 130dB
  • Light levels up to 40,000 lux
  • Temperature up to 750°C
  • Relative humidity up to 95%


MeasurementRangeResolutionBasic Accuracy
Sound100, 130 dB0.1 dB± 3.5 dB
Light40,000 Lux0.1 Lux± 0.5% +10 digits
Humidity95% RH0.1% RH± 5.0%
Temperature750°C/1400°F0.1°C/0.1 F± 3 % + 2dgts
Non contact voltage50 – 1000 V
Voltage DC600 V0.1 mV± 0.5% +- 2dgts
Voltage AC600 V0.1 mV± 1.2% +- 10 dgts
Current AC/DC10 A0.1 μA± 1.0% +- 2dgts
Resistance40 MΩ0.1 Ω± 0.8% +- 2dgts
Capacitance100 μF0.01 μF± 3.5%
Frequency10 MHz0.001 Hz± 1.5%
Power supply1 x 9V battery
1 x 9V battery Dimensions121 x 61 x 40 mm