DL1097 - Wall Scanner

DL1097 - Wall Scanner

DL1097 - Wall Scanner

DL1097: 3-in-1 Wall Scanner

Arriving October 2023

The DL1097 is a compact high-accuracy 3-in-1 wall scanner that detects voltage, studs and metal behind plasterboard walls. The wall scanner has easy-to-use function keys, which makes detection fast and reliable. Once you have set the material you are detecting, each material will track at different depths, the DL1097 uses a “Zoom” system to calibrate the unit to each surface. When the “ready” symbol illuminates the instrument is set to accurately scan. Simply move the scanner across the surface and the digital proximity display will indicate where the object is located.


EAN Barcode: 5060082544644

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Looking for calibration for a DL1097? Visit: Re-CAL