Seaward Apollo 600+ (380A926) PAT Tester

Portable appliance testing and heath & safety management tester

Seaward Apollo 600+ (380A926) PAT Tester

Seaward Apollo 600+ (380A926) PAT Tester

Seaward Apollo 600+ PAT and health & safety management tester


  • PAT Tester – Full suite of advanced electrical safety tests.
  • Risk assessment – For any workplace hazard.
  • On-board camera – Visual evidence to tag against records.
  • Health and Safety forms -Generates reports, certificates and invoices via PATGuard 3.


With built-in risk assessment tools for any workplace hazard and a variety of testing and inspection reports including portable appliance testing, fire detection and alarms and emergency lighting; Apollo 600+ offers an all-in-one solution to managing a risk-based approach to health and safety in any workplace, reducing the burden and ensuring compliance. The Seaward Apollo 600+ is the perfect solution for those looking to upgrade from the PrimeTest 350.

Keep comprehensive client records including test and inspection reports, risk assessments and visual evidence with the help of Seaward’s PATGuard 3 Health and Safety Edition software.

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Key Features

  • Supreme PAT testing capability
  • On-board camera with flash for visual evidence
  • Built-in risk assessment tools
  • USB and Bluetooth data transfer
  • High-definition colour display
  • Point-to-point testing for fixed appliances
  • Store 2,000 images and 50,000 appliance records
  • Health and safety test and inspection forms including emergency lighting
  • User tests for non-electrical tests and inspections

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Apollo 600 Case Studies

Take a look at how the Apollo 600 is helping other companies with PAT testing and preventative maintenance:



Earth Continuity
Test Current± 200mA
Display Range0.01 Ω – 19.99Ω
Pass ValueUser Defined
Insulation Resistance
Test Voltage500V / 250V DC @ 1mA nominal
Display Range0.01MΩ - 19.99MΩ
Pass ValueUser Defined
IEC Lead Test
Tests PerformedEarth, Insulation Resistance, Live & Neutral Continuity
Protective Conductor Current/Load
Test VoltageSupply voltage, maximum load current 16A
Display Ranges0.01mA – 19.99mA
Pass ValueUser Defined
Touch Current
Test VoltageSupply voltage, maximum load current 16A
Display Ranges0.00mA – 3.5mA
0.00kVA – 4.00kVA
0.00A – 16.00A
Pass ValueUser Defined
Load Power/Current
Test Voltage230V +10%, -15%, maximum load current 16A
Test DurationProgrammable up to a maximum of 255s depending on load, i.e max duration is reduced for higher loads.
Display Range0.00kVA – 4.00kVA
0.00A – 16.00A
Alternative Leakage Current
Test Voltage>25Vac <50Vac
Display Range0.00mA - 19.99mA
Pass ValueUser Defined
RCD Trip Time
Test Voltage230V +10%, -15%
Test Current15mA/ 30mA rms,sinusoidal
Display Range0ms - 2000ms
Test MethodInternal isolation to avoid tripping distribution board RCD
Power Socket Test
Voltage Range207V – 253Vac
Voltage IndicatorsLine potential phase to earth
Line potential phase to neutral
Line potential neutral
Memory size50,000 records & 2000 photo's
Dimensions230mm x 150mm x 100mm
Power SourceMains or rechargable battery pack
Warraney2 years (Subject to registration)