DL6518 Leakage Current Clamp Meter

AC Leakage Clamp Meter

DL6518 Leakage Current Clamp Meter

DL6518 Leakage Current Clamp Meter

DL6518 is an AC Leakage Clampmeter providing an accurate measurement of earth leakage down to a resolution of 100 uA (0.1mA). The very low resolution will enable the likelyhood of nuisance tripping caused by faulty appliances or circuit faults resulting in current leakage to earth, tripping the RCD or RCBO.


  • 100 uA (0.1mA) high resolution
    measurement on 200 mA range
  • AC measurement up to 200A
  • Max and hold function
  • 30 mm jaw opening
  • 2000 Count Backlit Display

Are you aware of the need to measure Earth Leakage?


As stated in BS7671, the combined leakage present during normal operating conditions will not be in excess of 30% of the operating current of the RCD. For example, a 30mA RCD/RCBO would be 9mA.

The maximum permitted earth currents are laid out in (Regulation 531.3.2)


MeasurementRangeBasic Accuracy
AC Current100 μA – 200 A± 2.5 % rdg +8 dgts
Overvoltage CategoryCAT II 600 V
Power supply 2 x 1.5 V AAA (LR3) battery supplied
Dimensions183 x 63.6 x 35.6 mm