Seaward PatGuard 3 Software Outright Purchase

400A917 - Infinite PAT Testing Software Licence

Seaward PatGuard 3 Software Outright Purchase

Seaward PatGuard 3 Software Outright Purchase

PatGuard Elite 3 & PATGuard 3 Health and Safety PAT Software

PATGuard PAT testing software allows you to record, store and report on a range of health and safety requirements including PAT testing, risk assessments and other workplace test and inspections. Tag records with images as visual evidence, schedule risk-based retest periods and produce professional reports and electrical test certificates for total traceability.

This specially designed PAT program is compatible with a wide range of portable appliance testers, including Seaward’s Apollo Series Downloadable PAT Testers, Seaward’s PrimeTest 250+ and Di-LOG’s DLPT2+ ApplianceTest PAT Testers.

This PAT software can also be used to store data from any manual PAT tester.


Comprehensive PAT Records

PATGuard 3 offers total traceability when it comes to maintaining portable appliance testing records, enabling images taken with Apollo 600+ or any camera or phone to be tagged against sites, locations, asset IDs and test results – providing evidence of visual inspection. Tagged images can be included in the vast range of reports that PATGuard 3 can create. These are easily stored, printed or emailed.

A Risk-Based Approach

Universal and electrical risk assessment tools are built into PATGuard 3. The electrical risk assessment tool can be used to ensure a risk-based approach is taken to portable appliance testing; automatically determining retest periods for assets proportionate to risk, as required by the 4th edition of the IET Code of Practice for In-Service Inspection and Testing of Electrical

Complete Health and Safety Management

A range of additional health and safety test and inspection certificates are built into PATGuard 3, allowing records for the inspection of emergency lighting and fire alarm systems to be kept
and easily managed. Simple Asset Management PATGuard 3 features a simple checkbox system which helps to keep track of assets which are in service. It is also easy to keep asset repair and maintenance records, including any associated costs where applicable. The ability to tag images next to asset records has an added benefit of aiding quick and easy identification of appliances and equipment to make life simpler when it comes to retesting.

Time Manager 3

Time Manager 3 is an exciting software package, now included with PATGuard 3, and provides clear time management facilities.  It’s ideal for companies that manage off-site or remote testing staff and need to manage their business in a time efficient manner. It runs as part of PATGuard 3 software ensuring total confidentiality and provides clear information on the user’s activity such as number of tests taken, and time of tests. It helps you to understand how the testers are used so that you can easily identify where improvements in staff training is needed. This will enable you to help your staff to test more efficiently. The graphical data display lets you see the tester’s usage simply and quickly.


PatGuard Selection352A910
PatGuard Elite 3
PatGuard Elements
PatGuard Lite
Download compatible with a wide range of testers
Rapid manual data entry from any manual tester
Fully compatible with Apollo 600 download data
Risk assessment software tools for PATs and workplace hazard
Upload assets for re-test and config data to Seaward PATs
Tag photos to sites, locations, asset IDs and test results
Automatic re-test scheduling tool and reports
Includes a wide range of test reports, certificates & invoices
Create and print a range of health & safety certificates